Who can sign Subscription Documents

But I mean, anybody on your team, quite frankly, anybody can do that from a, from a sort of exit, for example, execution of the, of the subscription documents, you just need to have some kind of a corporate document that just gives them that authority and sort of in the background. So you, so if you’re the owner, Sarah, Sarah and Amy are the owners, you could write a resolution that says, Hey, Mauricio or elder, my employee, Jane, uh, we hereby provider with full authority to execute documents on behalf of the company, because remember it’s the company that’s actually entering into those contracts. It’s not really Sarah or Amy, uh, you guys obviously, as you know, the general partners or the managers of the company have that implicit authority, but you can designate that down to somebody else. And, you know, you obviously want to ideally have that in writing, but even, even if it’s an oral one that would stick, you just always want to be able to prove something.

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