Verity Software Features – Wallet Interface

Connect your bank (plaid) – VerityAI offers a seamless integration with Plaid, a leading financial technology platform, allowing users to securely connect their bank accounts to our platform. By linking your bank account through Plaid, you gain real-time access to your financial data, including transaction history, balances, and more. This feature enhances financial visibility, enabling you to make informed decisions and leverage the power of data to optimize your financial strategies.

Send funds – Our platform simplifies the process of sending funds by providing a fast and secure mechanism for transferring money. Whether you need to pay vendors, distribute funds to participants, or make one-time payments, our intuitive interface streamlines the sending process. With just a few clicks, you can send funds securely and efficiently, saving you time and ensuring that transactions are executed seamlessly.

Deposit funds – VerityAI enables users to deposit funds effortlessly, providing a convenient and reliable system for adding money to their accounts. Whether you’re transferring funds from your bank account, receiving investment proceeds, or depositing earnings, our platform ensures a smooth and secure process. You can monitor your deposits, track balances, and maintain a clear overview of your

Programmable payouts – Our platform offers programmable payouts, allowing you to automate and customize the distribution of funds according to your business needs. Whether you need to distribute dividends, royalties, commissions, or any other type of recurring payouts, our system enables you to define and automate the payout schedules. This feature streamlines manual payout processes, reduces administrative overhead, and ensures accurate and timely transfers with ease.

Distribution interface – VerityAI provides a comprehensive distribution interface that simplifies and secures the management of funds and assets. With this feature, users can manage and track distributions efficiently, whether it involves distributing investment returns, managing dividends, or disbursing financial rewards. Our distribution interface enhances transparency, accuracy, and compliance, making it easier for businesses to manage complex distribution processes while ensuring regulatory compliance and giving users greater control over their financial activities.

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