Verity Software Features – Scenario Modeling

Funding round modelling – Funding round modelling is a tool that allows businesses to simulate and analyze different scenarios and outcomes related to fundraising rounds. It helps in determining the optimal funding structure, including the type and amount of funding needed, the valuation of the company, and the potential dilution of existing shareholders. This feature assists businesses in making informed decisions about their fundraising strategies, ensuring they secure the necessary capital while minimizing the impact on ownership and contro

Exit modelling – Exit modelling is a feature that enables businesses to project and analyze potential exit scenarios, such as a sale or IPO (Initial Public Offering). It helps in assessing the potential financial returns and value creation opportunities for shareholders based on different exit timing and valuation assumptions. This feature assists businesses in evaluating the feasibility and expected outcomes of various exit strategies, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making and maximizing shareholder value.

Waterfall analysis – Waterfall analysis provides a structured and detailed examination of how investment returns are distributed among different stakeholders, such as investors, employees, and founders, based on predefined priority levels. This feature calculates and visualizes the distribution of proceeds from various scenarios, considering factors such as liquidation preferences, participation rights, and convertible instruments. Waterfall analysis helps in understanding the potential financial outcomes for stakeholders and can assist in negotiating terms during fundraising or exit discussions.

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