Verity Software Features – Privacy and Security

World-class data storage – Our company offers world-class data storage solutions that prioritize security, reliability, and scalability. With cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, we provide businesses with a robust and secure storage environment for their valuable data. Our data storage solutions ensure high performance, seamless access, and backup redundancy, enabling businesses to store, manage, and retrieve their data efficiently. We prioritize data integrity and confidentiality, mitigating risks associated with data loss, unauthorized access, and system failures

SOC 2 compliant – We understand the importance of maintaining robust security controls and meeting industry standards. Our company follows SOC 2 (Service Organization Control) compliance, a widely recognized auditing standard for data security and privacy. By adhering to SOC 2 compliance, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting customer data and ensuring the effectiveness of our internal control systems. With SOC 2 compliance, businesses can trust in the security, confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of their data when utilizing our services

TLS 1.3 encryption – We prioritize the security and privacy of data transmission. That’s why we employ TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.3 encryption, the latest and most secure version of the TLS protocol, to safeguard data in transit. TLS 1.3 ensures that data transfers between systems are encrypted, preventing unauthorized access or interception. By implementing TLS 1.3 encryption, we provide businesses with peace of mind knowing that their data is protected throughout the transmission process, maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their sensitive information

SAML SSO (single sign-on) login – Our company offers a seamless and secure SAML SSO login feature that simplifies the login process for users across multiple applications and platforms. With SAML SSO, users can authenticate themselves once, using their centralized login credentials, and access all authorized systems without the need for repeated login credentials. This feature enhances user experience, saves time, and improves productivity by eliminating the hassle of remembering multiple usernames and passwords.

Two-factor authentication – Security is a top priority for us, and our platform provides robust two-factor authentication (2FA) functionality. Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to user accounts by requiring an additional verification step, typically a unique code sent to a mobile device or generated through an authentication app, along with the usual login credentials. This feature significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized users can log in and protecting sensitive data from potential security breaches

User permissions sets – Our platform allows granular control over user permissions through customizable user permission sets. With this feature, administrators can define and allocate specific sets of permissions to individual users or user groups based on their roles and responsibilities. This ensures that users have access to the appropriate features, functions, and data necessary for their job tasks while maintaining data integrity and security. User Permissions Sets improve efficiency, reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and streamline user management processes.

Audit Logs – We provide comprehensive audit logs, which keep a detailed record of user activities and system events. Audit logs capture information such as user logins, changes made to data or permissions, and any other relevant system actions. This feature promotes transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance, as administrators can easily monitor user activities and detect any suspicious or unauthorized actions. Audit logs also contribute to troubleshooting, incident response, and maintaining a secure and trustworthy system overall

Account Recovery and Password Reset – Our platform offers a streamlined and secure account recovery and password reset feature, providing users with a convenient way to regain access to their accounts in case of forgotten passwords or locked accounts. Account Recovery and Password Reset functionalities authenticate users through their registered email addresses or other designated account recovery methods, enabling them to reset passwords and regain access to their accounts swiftly and securely.

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