Verity Software Features – Investor Outreach

CRM via third part API – This feature allows the platform to integrate with a third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system through an Application Programming Interface (API). It enables seamless data synchronization and sharing between the Verity AI platform and the CRM, providing a consolidated view of customer interactions, communications, and activities.

Investor Pipeline & Statuses – This feature refers to a structured framework for managing and tracking potential investors throughout the investment process. It includes stages or statuses that represent the various phases of investor engagement, such as prospecting, qualification, pitching, negotiation, and commitment. It enables users to effectively manage investor relationships, track progress, and streamline the investment pipeline

Kanban & List Views – Kanban and List Views are two different visual representations of data and tasks within a system. Kanban view typically presents information in the form of cards or tiles that can be moved across columns or lanes to indicate progress or status. List view, on the other hand, presents information in a tabular format or as a list of items. These different views offer users flexibility in organizing and managing their data and tasks based on their preferences and workflows.

Email Distribution – This feature allows users to send bulk emails to a targeted group of recipients within the Verity AI platform. It enables efficient and targeted communication with investors, partners, or other relevant stakeholders. Users can create and customize email templates, manage recipient lists, and track the delivery and engagement metrics of their email campaigns.

Email View History – The Email View History feature tracks and logs user interactions with sent emails within the Verity AI platform. It records when an email was opened, how many times it was opened, and any other relevant engagement metrics. This information helps users assess the effectiveness of their email campaigns, gauge recipient interest, and make data-driven decisions for future communications.

“Matchmaking engine connected to top investor

databases (10K+ professional investors)” – This feature refers to an advanced algorithm or engine that connects the Verity AI platform to top investor databases. The engine leverages large databases containing profiles of professional investors, potentially including information like investment preferences, past investment behavior, industry focus, and geographic coverage. By integrating with these databases, the platform can intelligently match potential investors with relevant investment opportunities, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness

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