Verity Software Features – Fundraising Management

The Nook – The Nook is a dedicated section within the platform that provides comprehensive information and documentation related to specific investment deals. It allows users to access deal-specific details, such as financial terms, legal agreements, documents, and other relevant information, all in one centralized location.

Deal Terms – This feature provides a clear and concise summary of the terms and conditions associated with various investment deals. It includes information such as investment structure, expected returns, risks, and timelines, ensuring that users have a comprehensive understanding of the deal parameters before making investment decisions.

Investor Pipeline Manager – The Investor Pipeline Manager is a tool that enables users to track and manage potential investors throughout the investment journey. It allows users to monitor and organize investor interactions, communications, and progress, providing an efficient way to nurture relationships and drive successful investment outcomes.

Investor Order Book – The Investor Order Book is a feature that allows users to easily manage and track investment orders placed by investors. It provides a centralized view of investor commitments, allocations, and investment status, streamlining the investment fulfillment process and ensuring efficient order management.

Pre-emption rights exercise (issuance) – This feature enables investors to exercise their pre-emption rights during the issuance of additional shares or securities. It facilitates an organized and transparent process where investors have the opportunity to maintain or increase their ownership in the company before new investors are admitted.

Access Management – Access Management is a security feature that allows administrators to control user access and permissions within the platform. It provides granular control over user roles, authentication, and authorization, ensuring that the right users have the appropriate access privileges based on their roles and responsibilities.

Investor Portal – The Investor Portal is a dedicated section of the platform that provides users (investors) with an interactive and secure interface to access their investment 

Cap Table Sharing – Cap Table Sharing allows users to easily and securely share the capitalization table (cap table) with relevant stakeholders, including investors, legal advisors, and regulatory authorities.

Deal Room View History – The Deal Room View History feature tracks and logs the activity of users within the deal room. It provides a comprehensive record of who accessed the deal room, when they accessed it, and what actions they took. This helps to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulations, providing valuable insights into user interactions with deal-related information.

Chat room – The Chat Room feature facilitates real-time communication and collaboration among users within the platform. It allows investors, partners, and other stakeholders to engage in secure and private discussions, share insights, ask questions, and exchange information. The chat room improves communication efficiency, fosters collaboration, and enhances the overall user experience.

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