Verity Software Features – eSignatures

Create and share signable documents – The create and share signable documents feature allows businesses to create and share digital documents that require signatures. Users can generate customized templates or upload existing documents that require signatures, such as contracts, agreements, or consent forms. This feature simplifies the process of document creation and enables easy distribution among stakeholders for electronic signing.

Company signatory roles – The company signatory roles feature enables businesses to define and assign specific roles and permissions to individuals within the organization who have the authority to sign documents on behalf of the company. This feature streamlines the signing process by clearly defining who can sign specific types of documents, ensuring compliance and accountability.

Real-time eSignature notifications – Real-time eSignature notifications provide instant updates and notifications to relevant parties when a document is signed electronically. Users receive notifications via email or app notifications, indicating that a signature has been added to a document. These real-time notifications help expedite the document signing process, ensuring that all parties are informed promptly.

Signature requests – The signature requests feature allows users to send signature requests to specific individuals or groups, prompting them to review and sign digital documents. Users can easily track the status of signature requests, view when recipients have received and/or signed the document, and send reminders as needed. This feature streamlines communication and eliminates the need for physical document exchange or manual follow-ups.

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