Verity Software Features – Debt Management

Debt issuance – The debt issuance feature enables users to efficiently issue debt instruments, such as bonds or promissory notes, to raise capital for their business. It provides a streamlined and user-friendly process for creating, documenting, and tracking debt offerings, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Debt issuance facilitates access to additional funding sources and can be a valuable tool in managing the financial needs of a company.

Debt conversions – Debt conversions allow for the conversion of debt instruments, such as convertible bonds or convertible notes, into equity or other securities. This feature automates the conversion process, ensuring accurate calculations and tracking of the conversion ratios and terms specified in the debt agreements. Debt conversions provide flexibility to companies by allowing them to adjust their capital structure based on the needs of the business and the preferences of investors.

Programmable conversion triggers – Programmable conversion triggers are customizable conditions or events that automatically initiate the conversion of debt into equity or other securities. This feature allows companies to set specific criteria, such as reaching a certain valuation or achieving predefined milestones, to trigger debt conversions. By automating this process, programmable conversion triggers provide efficiency and transparency while aligning the conversion of debt with the overall business strategy

Interest Calculations – The interest calculations feature enables the accurate calculation and tracking of interest payments associated with debt instruments. It supports various interest calculation methods, such as simple interest or compound interest, and takes into account factors such as the interest rate, compounding frequency, and term of the debt. Interest calculations help in managing debt obligations, ensuring accurate payment schedules, and providing transparency to both the issuer and the investors.

Debt certificates  – Debt certificates are legal documents that serve as evidence of a debt obligation. This feature generates and manages digital debt certificates, which contain essential information such as the issuer, the principal amount, interest rate, maturity date, and other terms of the debt. Debt certificates provide transparency, simplify the record-keeping process, and enhance the credibility and enforceability of debt agreements.

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