Verity Software Features – Cap Table Management

Digital Cap Table – The digital cap table feature is a user-friendly platform that allows individuals and families to digitally track and manage their ownership stakes in various investments and assets. It provides a centralized and secure record of ownership, enabling users to easily monitor their portfolio, understand their ownership percentages, and make informed financial decisions based on real-time data. The digital cap table promotes transparency and empowers users to optimize their investments for long-term wealth creation.

Share certificates (extract from registry) – Share certificates, generated from the extract in the registry, provide individuals and families with legally valid evidence of their ownership in specific financial assets. Through the platform, users can access and download electronic versions of their share certificates, which contain essential information such as the investor’s name, the number of shares owned, and any specific terms or conditions associated with the investment. This feature enhances transparency and facilitates the proper documentation of ownership for easy reference and trackability.

Signable share certificates – Signable share certificates leverage cutting-edge technology to enable users to electronically sign and authenticate their share certificates. This feature eliminates the need for physical paperwork and simplifies the process of validating ownership. By offering a secure and user-friendly interface, individuals and families can quickly and securely sign their share certificates, ensuring compliance and legal authenticity. Signable share certificates foster convenience and efficiency in managing ownership and contribute to empowering users in their financial journey.

Multiple share classes & rounds – With the multiple share classes and rounds feature, users can efficiently manage and analyze investments across various categories and funding cycles. The platform supports multiple share classes, each representing a different type of investment with distinct rights, privileges, and potential returns. Additionally, users can track multiple funding rounds, capturing the issuance of shares and evaluating the impact on ownership and potential wealth creation. Multiple share classes and rounds empower users to diversify their investments and benefit from a range of opportunities

Multiple CapTable Versions & Views – The multiple CapTable versions and views feature allows users to create and track different versions of their digital cap tables. Each version represents a unique snapshot of ownership and investment status at a specific point in time. Users can easily switch between different versions to analyze the evolution of their financial assets over time, track changes in ownership percentages, and assess the performance of their portfolio. Moreover, the platform provides various customizable views of the cap table, enabling users to filter and analyze the data based on specific criteria such as share classes, investment rounds, or individual investors. This feature empowers individuals and families to gain deeper insights into their investments, make informed decisions, and optimize their long-term wealth-building strategies.

Cap table access levels – Cap table access levels enable users to define and control the level of access and permissions for different stakeholders or team members. This feature ensures that sensitive ownership and financial information within the cap table is only accessible to authorized individuals, promoting data security and privacy. Users can assign varying levels of access, such as full control, read-only, or restricted access, based on the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder.

Share fractionalization  – Share fractionalization is a feature that allows for the division of shares into smaller units or fractions. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with fractional ownership, such as multiple investors holding a percentage interest in a particular asset or investment. Fractionalized shares enable precise tracking and allocation of ownership percentages, facilitating accurate calculations and reporting within the cap table.

payment calculations The payment calculations feature automates the calculation and tracking of payments associated with equity ownership and investments. It enables users to calculate and manage dividend payments, interest payments, profit distributions, or any other financial transactions related to the ownership of shares. This feature streamlines financial operations and helps users accurately distribute and track payments based on the ownership details in the cap table.

Valuation history – Valuation history tracks the historical valuation of assets or investments over time within the cap table platform. This feature logs and records the valuation of shares or assets at different points in time, allowing users to analyze and monitor the value fluctuations and growth of their investments. Valuation history provides insights into the performance of investments, supports financial decision-making, and facilitates accurate reporting and compliance purposes.

Beneficiary sub-holdings – Beneficiary sub-holdings feature allows users to accurately track and manage the ownership interests of beneficiaries within the cap table. It enables users to identify specific individuals or entities associated with each ownership stake and their respective interests or entitlements. This feature is particularly relevant when dealing with trust structures, inheritance, or complex ownership arrangements. It helps maintain transparency and enables proper allocation of ownership rights and benefits to different beneficiaries within the cap table.

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