Verity Software Features – Blockchain

Audit trails (blockchain mirrioring) – VerityAI offers a robust Audit Trails feature that employs blockchain mirroring to ensure data integrity and transparency. By leveraging blockchain technology, our platform creates an immutable and tamper-proof record of all activities and transactions. The Audit Trails provide a comprehensive trail of evidence, allowing users to easily track and verify the validity of actions within our ecosystem. This transparent system enhances trust, minimizes the risk of data manipulation, and instills confidence in the integrity of our platform

ERC-3643 – VerityAI’s ERC-3643 Token Studio provides an advanced and user-friendly environment for creating, managing, and customizing ERC-3643 tokens. Built upon blockchain technology, our studio simplifies the tokenization process, enabling individuals and businesses to digitize and tokenize various assets, including securities, commodities, and real estate. With ERC-3643 Token Studio, users can leverage the benefits of blockchain, such as enhanced security, transparency, and fractional ownership, unlocking new opportunities for efficient asset management and investment strategies.

ERC1400 – VerityAI supports the ERC1400 token standard, a powerful framework for issuing and managing security tokens compliant with regulatory requirements. ERC1400 tokenization revolutionizes the way assets are represented and traded on the blockchain. Through our platform, users can tokenize traditional securities, ensuring compliance with legal frameworks while benefiting from the advantages provided by blockchain technology. The ERC1400 standard encompasses features such as transfer restrictions, share dividend distribution, and investor whitelisting, enabling secure and legally compliant trading and ownership of assets

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