THIS is when Syndicators Get Into Trouble

things have gone generally speaking fairly well since about, you know, 2000, let’s call it 2008, 2009, 2010. That was kind of the bottom of our last cycle. And so it’s been about 12 years now where, yeah, we had, we had COVID, which, which by the way, congratulations on going all in on COVID. Cause when I was in COVID, you know, everybody was calling me to do vulture funds cause they figured everything was going to collapse and the whole thing was going to fall under that. So congrats to you guys for, for moving forward. But, um, um, but yeah, it’s been, it’s been a good run. And I’m not saying that the internet, didn’t exist 12 years ago, but clearly social media wasn’t where it is now. Even websites, people were using websites back then and so forth, but, but a lot of these new technologies, social media, websites, all this stuff, we haven’t had a downturn really. And that’s when these issues come up is when investors start to lose money. I mean, if you’ve lost money for investors during this time, man, you’re really, you know, you’re really struggling, I guess.

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