These are the BEST States for Asset Protection…

If I have an operating company and I’m conducting business in California, then that entity is going to be set up in California because that’s where I’m doing business. Even if I set it up somewhere else, I’m going to be required to register or qualify that entity back into that particular state. Anyway, you’ve heard about Nevada and Wyoming and also Delaware sometimes that’s for the holding companies. That’s for companies that is, that are not doing any business whatsoever. They’re simply sitting there holding the asset. But the reason those three states, Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming are by far the most popular states for holding companies that they extend charging order protection to single member LLCs. If you’re just creating a business or an operating company, that’s going to be in the state that you actually physically reside in because even if you set it somewhere else, you’re going to have to register back in there.

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