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Our mission is to help real estate entrepreneurs scale their businesses by raising capital through real estate syndications.

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For starters, you don’t want to get a nasty letter from the SEC about your offering. Even a simple Facebook post could raise red flags. It’s not uncommon, especially given the rate at which the SEC changes regulations and as the economy and lending environment shift. 

Lean on us to make sure your syndication empire is in the clear. We want to learn about your goals to help you grow on a solid foundation.

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When you book a coaching call, you’ll be taking the next step to totally invigorating your business and start to create a meaningful relationship with your dedicated business development coach.

More About Premier Law Group

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by raising money through real estate syndications and fund creation.

We know the risks that can come with syndication from experience.  And we also know what works to stay in compliance with regulations and be sure your capital is safe and secure.

Some projects are so large that no single company can have all of the expertise needed to do the job efficiently. We understand completely. 

Our experts can help you get syndication right so you can make the most of your investments on the right side of the law.

Schedule a business development coaching call now to learn how we like to leverage our experience to help you get the real estate capital you need now, worry-free.

Business Assessment

We can assess your business model and make recommendations where we see vulnerabilities. At the same time, we'll identify strengths and give you strategies to maximize them.

Client Asset Protection

Our Syndication Services include our Asset Protection Package. Protect your assets and avoid overexposure.

Compliance Systems

Compliance is a crucial part of the cpaital process. Missing even one filing could provide you with a lot of unwanted publicity. We will mae sure to keep you our of any trouble.

Coaching & Guidance

We're your single source of syndication truth.

Our mission is to help real estate entrepreneurs scale their business by raising capital through real estate syndications | Contact us: 310-307-6060