Yes, because a lot of those are double what they were in 2006. Although in 2008 they were half. And that’s the thing with real estate. You are never going to time your market. It’s just not going to happen. That’s why it’s called time in the market. How long are you investing? I don’t know where it’s impossible. The one time in my entire career I tried timing the market was when the pandemic hit. I had two multi-million dollar full ocean view houses in negotiations in Newport Beach. Pandemic hit. I thought everything was going to crash and I broke my rule. I cancelled the deals and I thought I was the smartest guy alive. Does anyone know what happened after the pandemic? Yeah. So here’s what happened. These houses, I had one locked up at 3.4, I had one locked up, I was going to get it locked up at 4.2. One flipped for 11 million, one flipped for 9 million. So timing the market did not work. So again, that’s why they say time in the market. So when the great recession hit, I was still making my combos, I still had my team, I was still young kid, I was doing everything I was supposed to do. I was going on these appointments, I was giving listings. They weren’t selling. So I had like 27 listings and zero in escrow. I was broke. So I was forced to sell my dream house at 25 years old. I was forced to sell my Escalade, all my, I had to sell everything I had to you guys. And I moved into this tiny little apartment in the city of Placenta.

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