Pro-Tip THIS is the BEST Time of the Year to Rent Your Properties

If you look at the spring and summer months, you’ll see that housing sales across the country tick up during those periods of time. Why do they tick up? Well, one could argue that it’s good weather. People like moving in good weather, but the ultimate culprit is due to seasonality with schools. So most people tend to move during non-school seasons and that’s at the tail end of the spring going into the summer months. Leasing season mirrors identical to the single family housing sales. So when you’re looking to put new people in a property, you want the most lease exposure at the end of spring, beginning of summer, because that is the most opportunistic time when you can push your rents. And then during late fall, winter, right now, for example, worst time to have high lease exposure because people don’t like to move during the holidays and they don’t like to move during the middle of the school year and they don’t like to move in the middle of winter.

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