Micro-Learning_Verity-Seed Phase

All right, so now we are in the seed phase that’s going to be up here and we’ve got three core objectives. That’s going to be product development, building our team, and establishing an infrastructure. To do that, we’re going to do two different products, and that’s going to be custom application with the main goal of getting money into going into our launch, and then the PPM generator with the main goal of also getting money, but more importantly, with the PPM generator, we are able to establish a much more secure infrastructure and foundation. By completing the PPM generator first, it opens up a pipeline, a partnership pipeline of users. So this would be third parties like Brad Blizzard, Cashflow Portal, Invest Next, whoever. Building our PPM generator, which will funnel their users into our platform. Also with the PPM generator, getting that completed first, it opens up Bethany and Susie’s time to be more dedicated towards Verity. And then from my side, what’s partially most important is that these two things, the custom applications and PPM generator, use a significant amount of dev resources. The last thing we want to do is launch to users with limited dev resources because they’re all being diverted to the PPM generator or custom applications. This is a problem for keeping up with service tickets and with doing all the iterations to the user experience to increase retention. So we really want to ensure that we have the dev resources available to really focus on user experience in the feedback loop. That’s why we’re focusing on these two first before we start onboarding users. Stay tuned for the next phase, launch.

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