Micro-Learning_Verity-Maturity Phase

All right, by the time we have reached this phase, we are at the end of our journey. This does not mean that we are leaving Verity, but it does mean that we are selling interest in Verity, our interest in Verity. This is the established phase, the maturity phase. We’ve got three main objectives here that we want to complete, which is reaching 45 billion in assets under management, 70,000 in accredited investors trading monthly, and 378 million in annual recurring revenue. We do that through a series of products, through V Media, where our main objective is to get to 450,000 monthly active users. Through VGPT, this is where we have a recurring monthly revenue of 4.5 million. The marketplace, which is where we are doing influencer licensing, V Connect, which is the social component, this is 100,000 daily active users, V Education, a completion rating over 30%, which would be ridiculous, it’s a very lofty goal, but we like it. The NOOC, where we have formed over 100 investing groups, VerityPay, it has 4 billion in payments annually, primary market, 315 deals funded annually, secondary market, 1.3 billion transacted annually. That encompasses the Verity ecosystem. Thank you, have a great day.

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