Micro-Learning_Verity-Growth Phase

This is our first real scaling event. This is the Verity growth phase. We’ve got three objectives here, and this is customer success, proving the business model and marketing operating at 50%. We are still throttling the users that we’re bringing on board. We haven’t proven the business model yet. We will in this phase. So we still want to be somewhat limited to who can be on platform. Proving the business model is going to be entirely dependent on customer success. We are selling a product that tells people that we can get them to where they want to go in the real estate investing world through education, spheres of influence, applications, software, workflows to get them there. Our model cannot scale, it will not be proven until we can confirm that we can actually get users from point A to point B. We’re going to do that through three products, V Marketplace, V Connect, and V Education. The marketplace is an app store. This is where we’re going to be creating bots and workflows that are specifically curated from influencers, very knowledgeable individuals in the marketplace that want to partner with us where we can mold an AI or machine learning bot around their business and then sell that to users through a licensing deal. V Connect is our social media side. Our main goal here is going to be user engagement. This is going to feed into daily active users and monthly active users, and then education with the main goal of course completions. Right now, online learning is catastrophic. The rates are so low, the completion rates are so low. We really want to disrupt that model by getting course completions up significantly. Stay tuned for the first expansion phase.

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