Micro-Learning_Verity-Expansion II Phase

Okay, in the expansion phase number two, we are now entering the secondary market. At this point in time, we are about three and a half years into development. We have built a community that community has learned from us. They have created their spheres of influence or people that they learn from through education and through mindset. We have given them all the tools and workflows necessary to be successful, and they have already now acquired assets. Once you acquire assets, and you’re allowed to then sell them, which is according to the rules and regulations of the Securities Exchange Commission, you can now enter into secondary with the asset and you can diversify it or you can just straight up sell it. We do this, to accomplish all this, we have three main objectives. That’s to onboard and tokenize customer assets, right? So all the assets that our users and customers have, we make a very easy transition for them to bring them onto platform. This is where we start building out vertical and horizontal integrations. This is creating title companies and escrows and really the whole downline of acquiring an asset and then selling an asset. And then now we can start trading within the secondary market. Those are going to be our three primary objectives. We’re going to complete those objectives with two products. That’s going to be the primary marketplace as well as the secondary marketplace. Both of those goals are financial goals, $3 billion being for the primary and $1 billion being for secondary. Stay tuned for the last phase, maturity.

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