Micro-Learning_Verity-Expansion I Phase

Welcome to Verity expansion phase number one, the scalable model. Now that we have proven our business model, let’s go ahead and scale it. We’ve got three objectives here, network payments, deliver end-to-end deal flow automation, and a strong focus on hedge fund and large market players. This first expansion is now where we get into primary markets, funding deals. So now on the platform at this stage, we have educated all of the users, we have provided them with applications, with AI, with machine learning, with spheres of influence, content. And now we are going to be allowing them to find deals on platform, to create documents, to analyze properties, find GPs, to do capital raising, distributions, everything that encompasses the Verity Securities Marketplace. This is going to be delivered through two products, the Nook and Verity Pay. The Nook is traditionally characterized as a deal room. This is where LPs, GPs, whoever can get together in this environment and form investment groups. Verity Pay is basically what it sounds like, it’s a network payment system where we will facilitate transactions between LPs and GPs on platform. This is where they can move money around platform without that money actually ever leaving the bank so it gets instant settlement. This is the expansion phase number one, stay tuned for expansion phase number two.

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