All right, welcome to the nook. The nook is an area where investors can form groups together, like investment groups together. So it’s going to carry the same social media layout and wireframe as vConnect, but instead it will be the wireframe will be the same, but the content will all be driven towards investors, investors, they’re connected with deal investment groups that they’re a part of investment conversations they’re a part of. It really just filters all of the content to specifically just investments. So what’s really cool about an area like this is it can really empower investors. You know, if you have investors that group together, and just form their capital together, that puts them in a stronger position with, with GPS to make a deal. And that’s sort of what we’re trying to, to create here. So the nook is, is part of the broader marketplace, or, like from the nook from the social component side, you then would dive into the primary market and the secondary market, which we will show in a subsequent video.

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