Okay, on to the primary and secondary markets. So this is what you would access by going to the Nook. This is already built. This is what we did largely last year. This is basically the same thing as Syndication Pro, Invest Next, Cash Flow Portal, all those. Here we have our dashboard. These are all deals that we are in and our latest investments. So from this perspective, I’m actually a GP. And so I can go in here and I can look at individual investors. I can change whatever information I need to. I can go into offerings and within that offering, I can look at the financials, the beneficiaries, how I get my distributions. I can connect to Stripe and let’s not get into all that right now, but I can look at the cap table, manage the cap table, manage my investors, manage my distributions. Here are individual investments. We’ve got a document center here, reports, settings. If I have multiple organizations, I can go into a different organization. Many many things. So this is how you would actually get into deals is from this portal right here.

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