Alright, welcome to VerityPay. VerityPay is an in-network system that allows our users to transfer money back and forth to one another, whether they are just sending money because they want to, or exchanging something, or if they’re actually purchasing something, or distributions. What is really powerful about having our own payment system is that what we can do is utilize banking as a service. So we partner up with a bank and we’re able to now facilitate with Stripe, or even just directly with the bank, we’re able to facilitate in-network transactions without the money ever leaving the bank. So we get instant settlement. We also can create a myriad of situations where we incentivize people not to have the money leave the network. So this plays into many, many things. And with VerityPay, we do have a candidate to interview and look at that has amazing credentials for running a program like this for us. I’ve mentioned him before. His name is Jesse, and he was the Director of Treasury for Silvergate Bank. He managed, on any given day, $18 billion before the bank went out. So we should look at that as a resource. Continuing forward with the payment, DVPay, we can send payments like we discussed, request payments, transfer to our bank. Again, this is all just a wireframe. So we will be changing the design to fit more of our feel. But this is roughly what it looks like.

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