Okay, so let’s dive in and see what the V-media looks like. As with all of these early videos that I’m sending, we really should just be looking at this from a wireframe perspective. Don’t pay attention to any of the content. It’s all dummy content. The purpose of V-media is essentially to bridge both YouTube and chat GPT, but with a specific focus on wealth creation or real estate. Here what we’re seeing is a similar layout to YouTube, but on the right-hand side we see that we have a chat GPT, which is really just our Verity GPT powered by OpenAI. So let’s say we click on a video and now we’re watching the video. What we’re able to do now is concurrently have a conversation with a bot that’s trained on this video. So if we’re watching a video at a super high level and we need it kind of dumbed down to us a little bit, we can say, hey, can you explain that to me like a fifth grader? Or we’ve got some quick prompts over here to the right where we can say, summarize video, write a blog post, create a lesson plan, introduce me to Bethany or whoever the content creator is over here. This is a very interactive way to have a deeper level of understanding of what’s actually happening inside of the video. This is Vmedia in its most basic form.

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