Okay, so through the videos that you’re about to watch, you’re going to need to just come into it with a perspective of this is really the first draft layout of what the platform should look and feel like and what that experience should be. And so I largely was really only focusing on wireframe and you’ll find many areas in here where the content doesn’t line up like what it’s actually saying and that’s just because it’s filler content. What I did was I went into Figma and I downloaded, I don’t even know, like a million different widgets and I don’t even know if I’m exaggerating on that, where I just selected which widgets I wanted to use for the design style and kind of just like put them in here. So this is largely going to be subject to change, but nevertheless, you should be able to get a general feel for what it’s going to look and feel like-ish with the various different components. I am hoping more than anything that by watching these series of videos on both the design and the flowchart that I put together that you’ll be able to, Susie, that you’ll be able to finally answer the question, what are we offering and what does that look like, feel like, and how are we getting there? So there are lots of detailed questions that we still have to get answered. We have a whole financial review that we need to go over as far as metrics and expectations and how much money we need, all of that kind of stuff. And I’m going to get that to you as soon as I can. I mean, really, really that area I would love, love, love help on. I’m not a designer. This took up a significant amount of time in the last like four days to put all of this stuff together, but I will do everything that I need to to push this product forward and wear as many hats as I need to. But I really need to get to a point where all of us are confident that we know what we’re building and we know how we’re going to get there. And we know how to convey that message to the public, most specifically to investors. So sit back, grab some popcorn, relax. Let’s get started and go over this information.

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