All right, welcome to VDocs. This is one of the first things that we’re developing, which is the PPM generator. What this allows our clients, our customers, and users to do is go into the bot terminal and be able to generate a PPM operating agreement, subscription agreement. Here you can see it’s just a general dashboard of what these agreements are, and you can dive in further with them. What the process looks like is we have the core sections of the deal, or of the PPM. This would be the contact information, sponsor, co-sponsor, entity formation and structure offering and business plan and waterfall structure. This is where you answer a series of questions. As you’re answering those questions, the AI bot is actually creating the document for you right then and there. If you get to a question, you need a deeper level or understanding or explanation, you can watch a video that explains that very specific question, or you can actually just interface with the bot underneath and ask it to explain in a different way. Whatever way feels better for the user, they can do.

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