I would say this is probably one of the ones that was the most fun to design so far. Obviously these are very rough designs. This is vConnect. This is the actual social media part of the platform. So here we have, throughout this you’ll see kind of a mix, a little bit of me, but kind of a mix between LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok mostly. So this is, you know, very familiar UI being able to follow accounts, track accounts, engage within a thread. Let’s go to a different design, right? So this is Twitter right here. This is me. This is YouTube right here. This is TikTok right here. So this is a really cool way to have a feed here, have accounts that you can click on, their videos pop up here. You can watch them or you could click on a video and now you can actually have a discussion with that video here. I think this is a little messy, a little noisy, but it’s a good starting point to really kind of take it apart and move forward from there. There are many, many more designs that I had for the social side. This is probably one of the more complex areas that we will get involved with. Again, we’re just looking at wireframe. All right, let’s move on to the next one. That is vConnect.

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