All right, let’s dive right into VBots. This is where the majority of interfacing with the AI lives, and this is really where people can 10x their work efficiency. Here we have a dashboard. The next tab down, we have the documents. These are all things that I’ve been working on with various different narrow-trained AI. We have our writer here, and this right here is for generating content mostly. There are many, many, many applications here. The purpose for this specifically is to not have the user have to prompt. Prompting is the thing that really generates wildly different information for everybody. What we do is we control the prompt and allow the user just to fill in some fields of what they’re looking for. That way, we can make sure that the generation of content is accurate to what the user is actually wanting. You’ll see this massively expand into underwriting, or deal analysis, property analysis, investment analytics, legal document creation, tons of stuff are going to live right here. Next one down, we’ve got the AI image generator, then we’ve got the trained AI bots. This is like going to Bethany’s bot and having a conversation with Bethany. This bot is specifically trained on all Bethany’s knowledge, so it’s very effective. We’ll skip past the AI code, going into AI speech to text. This is now where I record, upload a file, and it transcribes it here. Usually what I do is I take this and then index it into an AI bot. That takes care of the VBots. Let’s move on to the next one.

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