All right, so checking out the App Store here, the first thing that I want to mention, just like I’ve mentioned in other videos, we’re really only looking at wireframe here. You can see we’re talking about Cevo Studio, Dropbox, Apple Inc. These are going to be different. But looking at the wireframe, we can see that there are applications that we can click on, we can filter through them, all that kind of good stuff. This is the actual place where we will license data from professionals or otherwise people where we can verify their information and data, they’re credible, knowledgeable, and people want to have access to their data. An example of this would be, let’s say, Ken McElroy. Let’s say people are very interested in how he does his click funnels. We can take Ken McElroy’s click funnels, we can train an AI bot on it, and now a user can subscribe to that and access it in their bot terminal, which we showed on another video. So here is where I would click on an app, and it would then go to another page that’s more in-depth of exactly what that is, what it costs, all that kind of stuff. Again, this is all just dummy data, but this is roughly what it would look like. Then you would go to a sign-out page. All right, let’s go to the next one.

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