Marketing Tip Dont Copy Others!

You’ve got existing investors. I imagine you can provide something to your existing list who can then pass out along to other investors. Just kind of becomes a little bit of a virality thing. I do want to feed off that a little bit. I did do one for Brian Tracy. I did do one for Zig Ziglar, Dennis Whateley, Mark Victor Hanson, all combined, those sold 2 million. Jim, 6 million, all the others combined 2 million. So that speaks to what are you authentically good at? I’d see too many people trying to copy other people. Please don’t. Just because someone else is doing it. First of all, it doesn’t even mean they’re doing it successfully. I can’t tell you how many people are out there loud and often, but they’re not really having that much success. Get focused on what you’re good at.

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