LPs Do This!

The whole point of the PPM is for you to have all the information that’s required for you to make an intelligent decision, whether you invest in a deal or not. So if there’s something that’s missing, just ask the sponsor. I mean, that’s one of the beauties of syndications, right? Unlike when you buy a stock in one of these S&P 500, like you don’t get to pick up the phone and call Steve Jobs or, you know, Bill Gates or any of the, you know, with syndications with private, but that’s the whole point. You get access to the team. Now, you may not be talking to the main sponsor. They’re probably gonna have an investor relations team, but that’s the whole point of this is that you have access to them. So shoot them an email, pick up the phone and say, what, what in the world does this cash of cash mean? If it’s not clear, that’s one of my pet peeves. I mean, if there’s any, the whole point of a PPM is to make all the disclosures. And if the disclosures aren’t very clear and it’s fuzzy, that could get the syndicator into trouble if there was ever an issue, because it’s very easy for somebody to say, well, I thought cash of cash meant this when in fact you thought it meant something else. And that’s the whole idea behind the PPM.

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