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Set a Static “Home” Page (front-page)

Jared Lutz December 14, 2020

If you want to change your homepage and set it to another page –

  1. Click on Settings >> Reading in your admin dashboard.
  2. Set Your homepage displays to ‘A static page’
  3. Select the page you want to set as the Homepage from the dropdown.
  4. Click the Save button to save your changes

Add the Home Link to the Menu

Typically a navigation menu will contain a ‘Home’ link that points to the homepage of your website. What happens when you change the homepage? Do you have to go back to the navigation menu and change the link as well?

Fortunately, no.

WordPress makes it easy to add a custom ‘Home’ link to your site. This link will always point to the homepage of your website, no matter which page you set as the homepage.

To add this ‘Home’ link to the navigation menu:

  1. Go to Appearance >> Menus in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. In the Pages box, select the View All tab.
  3. Check the “Home” checkbox.
  4. Then click Add to Menu.
  5. Finally Click Save Menu.