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Create Drop-Down Menus

Jared Lutz December 14, 2020

Drop-down menus, sometimes called nested menus, are navigation menus with parent and child menu items. When you run your cursor over a parent item, all the child items will appear beneath it in a sub-menu.

To create a sub menu, drag an item below the parent item, and then drag it slightly to the right. We’ve done that with 3 sub-items beneath ‘Services’ in our menu:

Add menu items as a sub-men

Here’s the sub-menu live on the site:

A drop-down sub menu in the site's navigation

You can even add multiple layers of dropdown, so that your sub menu can have a sub menu. This can end up looking at bit cluttered, and many themes do not support multi-layer drop-down menus.

In this example, you can see that ‘Logo Design’ (a child item of ‘Services’) has two child items of its own.

A nested drop-down menu