The series of my audio recordings will be titled, Untitled. So, I had this idea. We can take our time with building the community with Verity. We don’t have to feel like we have to rush that. We can simply just provide an infrastructure for other people to very easily build their own micro-communities, which is what everyone wants to do anyway. We get all the data, which is all we care about. It’s more simple, I think it would have a higher success rate. Once we stabilize that model, let people do all their own marketing. We can still do that on our side, but it’s not like we’re trying to build this whole huge network on our platform, on our network, yeah, like, you know, many people creating their own networks, and we would just get all the data that we could power all the micro-communities with, so they can get the same services that we would offer. That will give us a tremendous amount of data in terms of these micro-communities that people would form and build on their own. They would customize certain features in a specific way, and have design changes, and so we would have a lot more diverse data. Hmm, I like that a lot. And then once many people have opened up many micro-communities, we launch the secondary market on top of them all. It’s called the Nook. Hmm, hmm. That’s good. That’s good. I’ll move forward on pitching that idea.

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