How You Should Post on Social Media 506B

There’s two scenarios that I see a lot of people doing. One is this scenario, which is not good. This is a scenario where you never post on social media. And then lo and behold, a week before your offering, there’s a tick up in activity. And all these posts are hitting social media. And all this activity goes up. And then as soon as you close, boom, you’re no longer doing any activity. And so you end up with a bell curve like this, which is not a good thing. You want to do something where you’re just consistently posting whatever your marker is. If it’s once a month, once a week, twice a month, whatever. Just be consistent on your posts when you’re posting factual. That way nobody can ever accuse you of conditioning the market and say, hey, wait a minute. You’re obviously making these posts to get excitement about your deal.

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