How to Invest in Real Estate in THIS Market #shorts []

If you’re a real estate investor, what advice would you be giving to real estate investors in this particular market? I would suggest people stay away from short term transactional deals. Flipping is probably not something and I’m the guy that wrote the book on flipping houses and I’ve always said there’s rarely a bad time to be flipping houses, but this is one of those times. We don’t know where the market’s headed and it could change very drastically and quickly. Right now I wouldn’t be focused on doing any type of transactional real estate like one, three, six month type deals where you’re reliant on being able to sell on the back end quickly. That said, when it comes to investments, buying stuff that you can hold for a year or three years or five years or 10 years, if the numbers work, the numbers work. If you can find a deal where you’re cash flowing today, when interest rates are lower in a couple of years, you’re going to be cash flowing even more. Don’t not do a decent deal today because you’re worried about where things are headed. You can lock in some decent long term fixed rate debt.

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