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Known as one of the few lawyers that actually speaks English, Mauricio helps real estate syndicators, and those looking to tokenize their real estate offerings, stay out of jail by ensuring full compliance with Federal and State securities laws. With more than 22 years of securities experience, Mauricio is the premier real estate syndication attorney in the country and heads up the firm’s security token offerings (STO) practice.

Mauricio was recently featured on the cover of the Top 100 Magazine as a Top 100 Attorney and has previously been recognized as one of the top California attorneys under 40 by Super LawyersÒ magazine.

As an educator at heart, Mauricio regularly travels around the country speaking to real estate investors on how the legal regulatory piece fits into the overall syndication and capital raising puzzle.

Mauricio acts as legal advisor to (Rich Dad Advisor and owner of 10,000 Units) and represents many well-known real estate syndicators, like Robert Helms (host of The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show and Brandon Turner (former host of the Bigger PocketsÒ podcast).

A graduate of The University of California at Berkeley, Mauricio lives in Southern California with his wife Heidi, and their little angels, Adelina and Alessandra.

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Feb 02 2023




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