E-Mailing Investors Isnt Enough to Establish Pre-Existing Relationships

What about an email list? Hey, they’ve been on my email list for years. They’ve been opening my emails for years. Does that count as a relationship or no? No, no. You’ve got to put, look, you either got to put them through that process, or obviously if you’ve known them, like if you know them from work or you’ve known them from, you know, from high school, that’s easy. But if it’s somebody you just met at an event or on, you know, on a Zoom or on a webinar, getting them on your list isn’t good enough. You’ve got to go through those processes. You’ve got to take them from a complete stranger to somebody of a substantive relationship. And once that happens, then you can put them on your list. So your list really, most people have like decent CRMs, but even if you have an Excel spreadsheet, just segregate the list. So you have people that are sort of people you can offer it right now and people that aren’t quite ready. And then when they’re ready, you can move them over to the list where you can send them your 506B deals.

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