Do You NEED an Asset Protection Plan #shorts []

Everyone should have an asset protection plan and that doesn’t mean it has to be anything fancy like an insurance policy is an asset protection plan And in fact, I always say that insurance is always your first line of defense no matter what structure or what? Sophisticated thing you’ve got going insurance should always be your first line of defense The purpose of sort of the entity structuring and everything else is in case that first line of insurance Fails for whatever reason and we’ve gone through those in several videos and one of the biggest mistakes I think especially when they’re just starting out. They think they don’t have an asset. It’s like hey I don’t own anything or I don’t have much in the way of assets And so there’s nothing to protect and people forget that their w-2 Job or any income that they have is an asset, right? So even if you think you have no assets if you have the ability to earn income that to me is an asset

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