Careful with your Website in 506B Deals…

One definition we should talk about is the word advertising. Advertising obviously is I’ll go post an ad on Craigslist saying, hey, I’m raising money for a deal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it also includes like if I go on a podcast and say, hey, I’m raising money and I’m just talking about a deal. Yeah, I’m raising money right now for a big apartment complex. That’s advertising, right? Yeah, podcast, everything. Your website is advertising. A lot of people forget that. The website’s being blasted to the entire world. But people forget. I mean, I’ve had clients who don’t even think about it. They go, yeah, my business plan was on my website, not thinking that it wasn’t meant for that. And sure enough, somebody will come in from who knows where, and they’ll just come in and find the website somehow, find the business plan, and can’t do that. Because that’s going to be not even conditioning the market. That’s going to be flat out advertising your deal if you’re posting your business plan on your website. Again, assuming you’re doing 506B. If you’re doing 506C, you can do all that stuff.

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