Can Your Fund of Funds Invest in 506C if Non-Accredited Involved

Obviously, if you’re doing a five or six C on your phone, you’re going to be limited to accredited only, but also you’ve got to be aware of what exemption the underlying fund is doing, right? Because if the underlying syndication is a five or six C for example, that means you have to be accredited. Your fund has to be accredited, which means all your investors need to be accredited. It doesn’t mean you have to do a five or six C you remember you can do a five or six B and have accredited only, but yeah, you’ve got to W you’ve got to be careful with what the underlying funds is. If you, if you have non accredited investors in your fund, you’re going to be limited to only five or six B deals. Basically you wouldn’t be able to, you wouldn’t be allowed to invest in any of the, uh, of any five or six C deals underlying.

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