Best Time to Add People to Your List

Let’s say I’m not ready to raise right now. I don’t have any deals, nothing across my plate. Can I go on my Facebook and say, hey everyone, I’m looking to eventually get into syndication and raise money. Do you wanna start building a relationship with me so that eventually we can do work deals together? The best way to add people to your list of people you don’t know is number one, when you don’t have a deal, right? In between deals or before your first deal. Because there’s no pressure, there’s nobody, nobody’s worried about you asking for a check. That’s number one, the best time. But number two, adding value to your community. There’s nothing wrong with putting together a report, that says why real estate’s the greatest wealth building vehicle of all times, or why mobile home parks is such a great asset class, or why Florida is a great market to invest in, or doing a podcast, just anything of value that you’re able to get their information from that exchange of value, and then go put them through the process. So that’s a great time, but if you can add value to people and get their information legally that way, that’s when you start that process of going through that six or seven steps to get to a substance abuse relationship.

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