Add Value BEFORE You Need Capital (Not After)… #shorts []

What can you do right now to start providing value that’s going to benefit you 10 years from now? Like that’s how that’s the horizon that we should be looking. Yeah, and this may be also one of the mistakes but really more of a lesson that you just mentioned like a lot of people will Find the deal first and then be like, okay now I got to go find a million dollars Yeah, like no no It’s the other way around you got to go find it and add the value and get that thing so that when you do have A deal you’ve got an audience to launch it. You’ve got people to share it with It’s not going to be the first time they’ve heard of you When you when you actually send them the email with the with the with the investment You’ve you’ve been constantly emailing them with with value at not spamming them. Yeah, you got to add value We talked about that early as well. You want to add value to the to the community Whatever community it is that you’re you’re trying to trying to get to

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