A Simplified Verity Launch

What is Jared’s idea with launching a more simple version?

We can take our time with building the community for Verity. We can simply just provide an infrastructure for other people to very easily build their own micro-communities, like Kajabi. We get all the data, which is the most important thing. It’s more simple, and I believe it would have a higher success rate. This reduce our burden of having to do too many things at once while the management of Verity is stretched thin.

In this model, many people would be creating many communities, and all though they seem independent, they are not. Verity sites at the center as a data connector powering each micro community with data from other micro communities.

This will give us a tremendous amount of data in terms of these micro-communities that people would form and build on their own. They would customize certain features in a specific way and have design changes. We would have a lot more diverse data.

Once many people have opened up many micro-communities, we launched the secondary market on top of them all. It’s called the Nook.

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