A Classic Finders Example

I’ve got a list here. I think you see that I have a list of 10 names. All of these 10 names have a hundred thousand dollars that are available to invest. And they’re looking to invest it this month. They’re literally looking to place their money. And I’ve got this list of these 10 people who’s interested in this list. There’s probably a lot of sponsors on here. Those are going to be interested in this list. And if I were to give you this list and their name and their phone number and their email address, you can pay me $5,000, $10,000, $100,000, whatever you think we agree on for me to give you this list. Because all I’m doing is literally not even making an introduction. I’m literally just providing this list for you. And I’m making the representation that they’re ready to invest. A step further would be, hey, I’ll even make an introduction. So I’ve got Mary here at the top of my list. I’ll send out an email introducing you guys. Hey, Mary, I know you’re looking to invest. Let me introduce you to Kevin here. I’ll let the two of you guys connect. And you can pay me some kind of flat fee for making that introduction.

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